Tunisie : Trésors de la chanson judéo-arabe

Artist: Cheikh El Afrite

Name: Tunisie : Trésors de la chanson judéo-arabe

Released: 2008

Label: Buda musique

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 69'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR01046BUDA


Tunisie : Trésors de la chanson judéo-arabe (Cheikh El Afrite)

Sheikh El Afrite ("Imp") was one of the brightest representatives of one of the most prosperous periods in musical history of Tunisia. His extraordinary voice sang the diversity of styles that great epoch: Malouf, zajal hilalien, fondo, fezzani and Tripolitanian. Disappeared in 1939, Sheikh El Afrite had a record of more than four hundred songs. This disc presents the best of his work.


1. Layam kif errih 3'14

2. Kif konti sghira 5'39

3. Gued maâmelt maâk 6'06

4. Ya nass hmelt 6'19

5. Ach bik ghadhbana 5'52

6. Ya rebbi hnini 6'28

7. Ya li rajalha m'ghayer 6'13

8. Qalaqt ou mellite 6'00

9. Hasna jarti 6'03

10. Megouani 5'12

11. Lay guella 6'00

12. Tasfar 6'02