Artist: Carl Erik Lundgaard

Name: Yderland

Released: 2007

Label: GO'Danish Folk Music

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 53'00

Bonus: Import Denmark

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00303GODA


Yderland (Carl Erik Lundgaard)

Yderland consists of primarily new material from accordionist Carl Erik Lundgaard, arranged and produced in cooperation with bassist Mads Riishede. The music is expressive, and has stories to tell, both serious and humorous.

”Carl Eriks compositions are full of stories, relevant and close stories about life in Denmark, expressed through his virtuoso and deeply rooted accordion playing.”(Mads Riishede)

Carl Erik Lundgaard - Musicians

  • Carl Erik LUNDGAARD : diatonic and chromatic accordion
  • Mads RIISHEDE : bass, acoustic and electric guitar, shaker, tambourine
  • Søren BEBE : würlitzer
  • Christian FRANK : electric guitar
  • Palle HJORT : Hammond organ , harmonium, mellotron, piano
  • Kristian KAROTTKI : drums, tambourine, shaker
  • Hal PARFITT-MURRAY : violin, viola
  • Jacob FRANDSEN : guitars
  • Keld NØRGAARD : dulcimer, saz
  • Mikkel RØRBÆK : acoustic and electric guitar, Hawaiian guitar
  • Christoffer S.MØLLER : würlitzer
  • Harald HAUGAARD : violin

Yderland - Sound extracts

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