Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1

Artist: Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1

Name: Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1

Released: 2002

Label: Gega new

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 61'31

Bonus: Import Bulgaria

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00616GEGA


Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1 (Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1)

Gega New starts the CD series BULGARIAN MUSICAL FOLKLORE aiming to present the great variety of songs and instrumental pieces in the different musical layers: starting from ancient samples, to the present day. It is the company's objective to show the trends and tendencies in the development of folk music.
BULGARIAN MUSICAL FOLKLORE - Vol. 1 features music from Dobroudja and North Bulgaria, the Rhodope Mountains, the Shoppe region, Thracia, and Pirin Macedonia, recorded by prominent representatives of these folk regions.

Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1 - Musicians

  • Rhodopea Kaba Trio
  • Dobroudja Folk Ensemble
  • The Shoppe Group
  • The Georgiev Sisters
  • The Bisserov Sisters

Bulgarian musical folklore Vol.1 - Sound extracts

  • KrushevenskoHoro
  • SeloSelo
  • SednalMiDamyanChorbadzhi
  • Bouchimish
  • SvirchitseNeZasvirevaj
  • Opas
  • SevernyashkaSuite
  • BrePetrunko
  • PaidushkoHoro
  • BreIvane
  • ConcertoPieceForFolkOrchestra
  • FuruglitsaTreperiAndTecheMiVodaStudena
  • MakedonskiVihar
  • TriMomi
  • ShepherdsSongSvornatoAndPravoHoro
  • MolihTaMaichoISonMiDoideNaOchise
  • BalkandzhijskoHoro
  • SevernyashkiMotives