Bleïzi Noz

Artist: Bleïzi Noz

Name: Bleïzi Noz

Released: 2002

Label: CO Le Label

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 46'04

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00003COLE


Bleïzi Noz (Bleïzi Noz)

Youthfulness and creativity are the cornerstones of this album, where the compositions are enriched with various influences, where the energy is present, where the shackles of dance explode. Listen, appreciate and dance !

« A good amount of Breton music, a touch of external musical influences, 6 instrumentalists of quality and a good amount of creativity, this is the recipe for the excellent musical mixture concocted by Bleizi Noz. Savour it !» Alain Pennec

Bleïzi Noz - Musicians

  • Alexis AMETTE : guitar
  • Tony BROHAN «El Diablo» : drums
  • Gwenolé COTTIN : clarinet, low clarinet
  • Yann LE NAY : fiddle, octaver
  • Gwénolé LE VILLOUX : accordion
  • Vincent MARIN : bombardon

Bleïzi Noz - Sound extracts

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