Behind the Name

Artist: Blair Douglas

Name: Behind the Name

Released: 2016

Label: Macmeanmna

Format: Digifile

Total playing: 48'00

Bonus: Import Scotland

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DF01373MACM


Behind the Name (Blair Douglas)


Latest release from the huge talent of Skye's Blair Douglas, back with a great selection of tunes all with stories behind the names.
The album features instrumentals, all of which self-penned by Blair.
Many of the tunes are dedicated to local Skye people including Chris Harley, Blair's wife Marion and the Heroes of Festubert
Loch Festubert marking the loss of a large number of Portree soldiers in the battle during the Great War.

Blair Douglas - Musicians

  • Blair DOUGLAS : accordion, piano
  • Ian SMITH : guitar, mandolin
  • Eric CLOUGHLEY : guitar, bass
  • Alastair SAVAGE : violin
  • Rick EVANS : viola
  • Tom RATHBONE : cello
  • Gordon GUNN : fiddle
  • Maggie ADAMSON : fiddle
  • Angus MacKENZIE : pipes, whistle
  • Eilidh MacKENZIE : clarsach
  • Hector HENDERSON : whistle
  • Kevin DOBBIE : electric guitar
  • Peter McGLONE : tenor sax
  • Mick McLUSKEY : baritone sax
  • Rick TAYLOR : tenor saxes

Behind the Name - Sound extracts

  • Glasgow The Caring City
  • Moscardinis Salute
  • Maighstir Seumas
  • The Vital Spark
  • Lament For The Poets
  • John Nicolson's March To Freedom/The Leper's Bell
  • Lorna Kay
  • The Doctor's Dream/Clarence The Conqueror
  • Michael Marra
  • Bon Ton Ceilidh
  • Marions Waltz
  • Beneath The Wings Of Grace
  • Laoich Festubert (Heroes Of Festubert)