The crow in the walnut tree

Artist: Basco

Name: The crow in the walnut tree

Released: 2008

Label: GO'Danish Folk Music

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 44'00

Bonus: Import Denmark

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00298GODA


The crow in the walnut tree (Basco)

Basco is a fiddle-scraping, box-belting, guitar-swinging, trombone-packing folk/roots band with an energy that has been compared to that of a bunch of sixth-graders on camp. It's members met at the Carl Nielsen Academy of music in Odense, Denmark, and now play in all kinds of music of bands, both at home and away from home. So what they play in Basco is Danish music, and yet not...

Basco's debut album, Crow in the Walnut Tree, has been nominated for Debut Folk Record of the year at the Danish Music Awards, (The Danish Grammys) and Hal Parfitt-Murray has been nominated as Folk Composer of the Year! Hurry! Buy the record before they're all gone!

Basco - Musicians

  • Sigurd HOCKINGS : guitar
  • Hal PARFITT-MURRAY : fiddle
  • Anders RINGGAARD : box, trombone
  • Andreas TOPHØJ : fiddle

The crow in the walnut tree - Sound extracts

  • Coals to Newcastle
  • Crow in the walnut tree / New pair of boots
  • The cats menuet
  • Princess of Scandinavia
  • Trombone scottish
  • Kamerika
  • Flensborg harbour
  • Postcard
  • Hadrian's waltz
  • Magpie jig / The camel polka
  • Blackberry blossom
  • The mermaid