Amanca luna

Artist: Asteriskos

Name: Amanca luna

Released: 2003

Label: Folkclub ethnosuoni

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 38'57

Bonus: Import Italy

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00201FOLK


Amanca luna (Asteriskos)

Giancarlo Parisi, one of the best-known Italian players of ‘zampogna’ (a sort of bag pipe) is again on the move with a new band. Together with him Massimo Laguardia and Tanino Lazzaro, experienced musicians already members of some important bands such as Taberna Mylaensis and Agricantus. The Sicilian heritage is clear and strong, but its sound is melted with more modern arrangements in a fine blend.

Asteriskos - Musicians

  • Giancarlo PARISI : zampogna , friscalettu, ottavino, sax , brogna, guitar, vocals
  • Massimo LAGUARDIA : percussions
  • Tanino LAZZARO : accordion, vocals
  • Pino GARUFI : bass

Amanca luna - Sound extracts

  • Nella casa dei venti
  • Nneru nneru
  • La voce di scirocco
  • Chiddici
  • Mamertina
  • Focu di lu vulcanu
  • Rota rutedda
  • Veniccà
  • Zagara
  • Siculiana