ABCD'erre de la vocalchimie

Artist: André Minvielle

Name: ABCD'erre de la vocalchimie

Released: 2004

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Digipack

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Ref.: DI01142NA


ABCD'erre de la vocalchimie (André Minvielle)

Singer and percussionist, a close associate of Bernard and Marc Perrone Lubat Andre Minvielle practice vocalchimie! Quezako? A mixture of languages, French, Spanish, Occitan, added to some onomatopoeia, all in a mix of scat, blues and rap. Notorious linguistic visionary, he relentless hunt orality, scrolling behind him on a giant screen, a whole series of words and letters accompanied by instruments more or less qualified. An inventory of the language he presents with humor, singing and improvising tchatchant; of something for every "Child of art in literally"!


A. Avertissement

B. Balagora

C. C'est Manifheste

D. 3D

E. Les Chaudrons

F. Naviguer

G. Point G

H. Bèth cèu de Pau

I. ii

J. J fonce

K. O.K.O

L. Lagenaria

M. Manuel

N. C'est Non

O. Photomatonomatopée


Q/R. Barataclau

S. Sigle

T. Tambouroundiou

U. Unissons

V. L'Esquinade

W. Wah Wah

XYZ. Le Bovélo de babel