Musique du Rif marocain

Artist: Aïta Jabalia

Name: Musique du Rif marocain

Released: 2009

Label: Dyade A&D

Format: Pochette

Total playing: 50'06

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: PO00134DYAD


Musique du Rif marocain (Aïta Jabalia)

This is a tribute album to Souissen and Guembri, two string instruments oftenly used in traditionnal music of the Rif country (North of Morocco). The Jbala lives in the south of the Rif, speak Arabic, what makes them to be a junction between two cultures.

Aïta Jabalia - Musicians

  • Mohamed EL HAMADI : direction, souissen, guembri, vocals
  • Sellam ZAÏN : drums, vocals
  • Thami ZOUINE : guembri, vocals
  • Abderrazzak RHIMI, Abdelkader AKRAH, Mohamed CHIH : drums, vocals

Musique du Rif marocain - Sound extracts

  • Alesh ya khuti
  • Sali chughlek
  • Taqsim souissen & guembri
  • Ezzahouiya
  • Al Gouali
  • Taqsim guembri
  • Skirti ou jak ahlou
  • Ash min l'bas ouatani