A-benn dilun

Artist: A-benn dilun

Name: A-benn dilun

Released: 2006

Label: Autoprod

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 44'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00387AUTO


A-benn dilun (A-benn dilun)

At the heart of the country of Redon was born this work, "a modest but brilliant." In Breton and Gallo. Resulting from the work of a hundred (children and adults), together rhymes and modern gwerz unpublished texts, this disk first surprise by its quality and musical originality, charm by the humor of his lyrics. Celtic harp borders on the samples of synthetic and traditional rhythms: those of today ...

A-benn dilun - Musicians

  • Erwan BURBAN "Jerry CORNIC" : artistic direction and composition, vocals, trumpet, cor
  • Enfants et enseignants de la filière bilingue Dihun de Redon : vocals
  • Bruno RONZIER : fiddle, dumbra
  • Xavier LUGUÉ : doublebass
  • Julien LE VU : batterie, percussions
  • Wenceslas HERVIEUX : accordion
  • Lina BELLARD : celtic harp
  • Teddy JAMOIS : bass
  • Vincent RAUDE : electric guitar
  • Samuel MOISON : keyboards
  • Sebastien BARON : tuba, soubassophone
  • Xavier GUILLOTEL : bombardon
  • Mathilde CHEVREL : cello
  • Nolwenn KORBELL, Goulwena AN HENNAFF et Anne Marie PELHATE: vocals

A-benn dilun - Sound extracts

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