Trio dynamic

艺人: Wild marmalade

名字: Trio dynamic

发出: 2007

商标: Non renseigné

样扳: Digipack


价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI00949NA


Trio dynamic (Wild marmalade)

This live CD of the world's original drum and didgeridoo band, captures the energy and excitement of a Wild Marmalade show. The band improvises and responds to the energy of the dancers, and with this recording all that magic can be felt. This CD features the original 3 piece Wild Marmalade line up : Si Mullumby on didgeridoo, Matt Goodwin on drum kit with log drum and Mat Ledgar on congas, ballafon and percussion with guest appearances by Sheva's Avishai Bar-Natan  on the Ney flute and vocals by the amazing Deya Dova. Triodynamic has 13 tracks of naturally acoustic live music with a high-energy dance sound. Wild Marmalade the original "organic dance" band, live in concert.

Wild marmalade - 音乐家

  • Si MULLUMBY : wood & carbon fibre didjeridu
  • Matt GOODWIN : kit & log drums (left speaker)
  • Mat LEDGAR : congas, ballafon, percussion (right speaker)


1. Serpent Stirring

2. Kuminatya

3. Duka Duka

4. Water Colour

5. Inspire - Deya Dova

6. Duyuhimi?

7. Ayhiya!

8. On Wood Planet

9. Air - Avishi Dar-Natan

10. Citrus

11. Trio Dynamic

12. Slap

13. Bakatchya