Morrigans dance

艺人: Wild Camel

名字: Morrigans dance

发出: 2006

商标: Autoprod

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 47'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: CR01081AUTO


Morrigans dance (Wild Camel)

Musicians of this band have a sound quite unique. Far from the usual currents where rock music is a sign of agitation, here it is primarily the nature prevails and dictates its law. The strength of the group is to have incorporated an acoustic sound to its sound world. The influences of various cultures (Celtic, Nordic, medieval) provide all original cachet. The ubiquitous didjeriddo completes the group's desire to root his music in a universal soil.


1. Simply four 6'15

2. First groove 2'34

3. Tanz der kobolde 3'40

4. Mandolines nightmare 3'45

5. Vibrations 4'58

6. Der dicke daumen 4'21

7. Deep forest 4'28

8. Running man 4'08

9. Morrigans dance 5'53

10. Der ochsenfrosch 4'36

11. Outro 2'18