The Northern Meeting

艺人: Various Pipers

名字: The Northern Meeting

发出: 2005

商标: Macmeanmna

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 147'0

免费赠品: 2 CD / Import Scotland

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: CR00424MACM


The Northern Meeting (Various Pipers)

This double CD features performances at the Northern Meeting in Inverness by ten of the world's most successful competitive pipers

The album contains nearly 150 minutes of top-quality piping selected from BBC recordings made over the past ten years at the senior March, Strathspey & Reel competitions, - the Silver Star event as it is sometimes known - and the Gold Clasp or senior pìobaireachd competition. The Northern Meeting is arguably the most prestigious open solo piping competition in the world and, for most pipers, success in it is considered the pinnacle of pipers’ achievements. As a result this album is brim-full of brilliant performances by many of the world’s most successful pipers.

Various Pipers - 音乐家

Angus MACCOLL, Mike CUSACK, Alasdair GILLIES, Willie MCCALLUM, Murray HENDERSON, Pipe Major Gordon WALKER, Bruce GANDY, Dr Angus MACDONALD, James MURRAY, Greg WILSON : pipe

The Northern Meeting - 唱片的摘记

  • Alasdair Gillies
  • James Murray
  • Dr Angus MacDonald
  • Bruce Gandy
  • Angus MacColl
  • Gordon Walker
  • Greg Wilson
  • Gordon Walker
  • Murray Henderson
  • Alasdair Gillies
  • William McCallum
  • Mike Cusack
  • Angus MacColl
  • Gordon Walker