Bretagne terre de rythmes

艺人: Stok an dañs

名字: Bretagne terre de rythmes

发出: 2009

商标: Non renseigné

样扳: Digipack

唱片的日期: 38'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI01230NA


Bretagne terre de rythmes (Stok an dañs)

Immerse in the world beats, it's common to feel vibrations of all people is to recognize the wealth brought in all of us is knowing guess drummed languages. Roaming and curious, music and beats are born of the past, the very one who lives in our hands and rings under our feet. Skins, wood, stained slides escape from this popular jungle agree transrythmiques voice and sounds. The Breton dance tunes traveling in search of new encounters accents elsewhere ...Morgane Lemaitre

Stok an dañs - 音乐家

  • Dominique MOLARD : tablas, derboukas, kaïamb, bodhran, grosse caisse harmonique, caisses claires écossaises, cajon, steel drum, programmations, hang, palmas, ambiances, accessoires, voix
  • Stéphane SOTIN : congas, bongos, sanza, berimban, timbales, tama, derbouka, bendir, palmas, percus, voix
  • Jacques MOREAU : djembe, palmas, claves, congas, percussions
  • Antonin VOLSON : batterie, bala, sanza, palmas, percussions, voix
  • Olivier LEROY : vocal
  • Invités :
  • Jacky MOLARD : violon, basse électrique
  • David HOPKINS : didjeridoo, tama, toys, voix irlandaise


1. Tintal bro gwened (andro)

2. Rananoye (laridé 6 temps)

3. Le wigwam du sachem (circassien/jig)

4. Trans'plin (ton simple plin)

5. Plinidad (bal et ton double plin)

6. Armorythmes (hanter dro)

7. Tribal drums