The turning tide

艺人: Solas

名字: The turning tide

发出: 2010

商标: Non renseigné

样扳: Digifile

唱片的日期: 45'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DF01194NA


The turning tide (Solas)

For over a decade, Solas has been recognized as the most influential Irish-American super group. After a personnel change prior to their last release when Co. Kilkenny-born vocalist Mairead Phelan joined the band, they have reemerged, unified once again. On The Turning Tide, the band delivers the raw instrumental virtuosity, the power, the rhythmic ‘hump’, and the dynamic vocal blend that no other band since The Bothy Band has mastered, and in the process showcases the band at the peak of its power.

The Turning Tide offers well-conceived set of tunes and songs that share an underlying theme of social commentary. It’s not a new idea for the band – past renditions of ‘Pastures of Plenty’ and ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ are core songs in Solas’ repertoire – but it’s a concept that underscores the current mindset of the members of the band. Multi-instrumentalist and founding member Seamus Egan explains: “We’re not trying to preach or make a general statement about the world, it just happens to be the kind of material the individuals in the band have gravitated towards.” Renditions of Josh Ritter’s "Girl The War", Bruce Springsteen’s "The Ghost of Tom Joad", Richard Thompson’s "Poor Ditching Boy" and Scottish folk-singer Karine Polwart’s "Sorry" are as topical and engaging as anything Solas has ever done.

Solas is Seamus Egan (flute, tenor banjo, mandolin, whistle, guitar and bodhran), Winifred Horan (fiddle), Mick McAuley (accordion and concertina), Eamon McElholm (guitar and keyboards) and vocalist Mairead Phelan. The Turning Tide is certain to further Solas’ reputation as one of the most important standard-bearers of Irish music.


1. Hugo's big reel

2. The ditching boy

3. The crows of Killimer/Box reel#2/Boys of malin/The opera house

4. A girl in the war

5. A waltz for Mairead

6. Ghost of Tom Joad

7. A sailor's life

8. Grady Fernando comes to town

9. Sadhbh ní Bhruineallaigh

10. Trip to Kareol

11. Sorry

12. A tune for Roan