Un Eostad

艺人: Paul Huellou

名字: Un Eostad

发出: 2010

商标: Non renseigné

样扳: Digipack

唱片的日期: 36'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


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号码: DI00496NA


Un Eostad (Paul Huellou)

Paul Huellou's music speaks with the accent and intonation of central West Brittany. This is the everyday conversation of a person refecting on the rural world which he has lived in, worked and observed closely all his life. A long-time piper as well as singer and storyteller, Paul took part in some of the earliest broadcasts in the Breton language on Radio Quimerc'h in 1946. He has also recorded for Per Trepos and Per Jakez Helias, two of the most important collectors, in 1948/49. The recording consists of ten songs, all in the Breton language. Four of the tracks were written by Paul and deal in general with his interest in, and love of nature. The songs by Alice Lavanant, two of which are included in this selection, are also rooted in the nature of the Breton countryside. Three of the remaining tracks were written by Filomena Cadoret, who, was born at the endof the 19th century in Bonen near Rostrenen. This is the first time that her work has been recorded and it is fitting that the singing is by a native of her own district of Brittany.

Paul Huellou - 音乐家

  • Paul HUELLOU : singing
  • J Pol HUELLOU : flutes
  • Brendan FAHY : guitar
  • Paddy KEENAN : uileann pipes
  • Pascal SEGARD : fiddle
  • JC NORMANT : piano

Un Eostad - 唱片的摘记

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