Putan de cançon

艺人: Moussu T e lei jovents

名字: Putan de cançon

发出: 2010

商标: Non renseigné

样扳: Digipack

唱片的日期: 43'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI01152NA


Putan de cançon (Moussu T e lei jovents)

Putan of Cançon is the fourth album of Occitan-Brazilian group. On the outskirts of Tom Waits, somewhere in the landscape of modern blues, Moussu T e lei jovents sounded entire Mediterranean banter in a multicultural sound environment. Through instrumental breaks treated and sound rough, more rock, "Putan of Cançon" a milestone in the evolution of the group. Blu by the richness and diversity of its operations, thereby establishing itself as the equal of a Marc Ribot or Zoot Horn Rollo.
Certainly found in "Lo Dintre" nonchalance rhythms of Recife and leg percussionist Jam Da Silva. In jingles "Greetings from Marseille," "like two flies" "My Hurricane" and "When I see her, I fund" is any relaxation of Armadillo, his familiar light and sweet melodies that highlight the be savored as a first sip of pastis on a summer evening: deliciously fresh. However, also hidden through more dark lyrics, nostalgia, bitterness and sadness sometimes wry face the test of time: it is more "trumps" mean when it comes to self ("Alba7 ") and lamenting quietly" it takes more time to give, to help, to listen, to think, to play "(" clock ").
"Putan of cançon" fucking song is ultimately a call to resistance and engaged festive: Moussu T e lei jovents sing before all hope, desire, strength, enthusiasm, fun ... and love. According to them, no doubt "it makes you flexible and bouléguant."


1. Putan de cançon

2. Empêche-moi

3. Lo dintre

4. Mon ouragan

5. Ciutat de l'Ersa

6. Alba 7

7. Bons baisers de Marseille

8. La marraine

9. Quand je la vois, je fonds

10. L'horloge

11. Dins la nuech de mon astre

12. Seradas de la mar

13. Comme 2 mouches