Clarinettes armorigèneS

艺人: Michel Aumont

名字: Clarinettes armorigèneS

发出: 1999

商标: An naer produksion

样扳: Digipack


价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI01105ANNA


Clarinettes armorigèneS (Michel Aumont)

Over the years, the Breton clarinettist, Michel Aumont, developed a model musical career. Inspired by his deply-rooted local experience, he had the foresight to know how to adapt and enrich it and develop his particular imagination, especially throught other musical encounters. We are invited on an irresistible journey with his energic, tribal and melodic clarinet-playing. This virtuoso, pure clarinettist, is established as one of the champions of contempory Breton music - authentic, interactive and daring.

Michel Aumont - 音乐家

  • Michel AUMONT : compositions et arrangements, clarinette mib, clarinette sib, clarinette basse, clarinettes préparées (buzziphon, et armorinette)


1. N'gidi intro

2. La nuit des lucioles

3. Chaman Bibayak

4. Marche des pleureuses

5. Sirène

6. N'gidi suite

7. Le retour du grand conseil

8. Gravotte

9. La mort de la mouche

10. La réponse du berger

11. Metro

12. Rêve armorigène

13. Demi sec

14. Intro à la valse

15. Brève musette