艺人: Melo

名字: Melo

发出: 2005

商标: CO Le Label

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 49'08

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: CR00015COLE


Melo (Melo)

Around melodies inspired by soul, rhythm 'n blues and jazz, the quartet from

Nantes invites us to share texts simple but not simplistic, light and sincere. In English and in French, the songs rythmical or more gloomy, relate stories which speak to us. Accompanied by the subtle and sensitive voice of Amandine, the jazz passages will carry you along a colourful and sensual trip.

Melo - 音乐家

  • Amandine CACHINHO : keyboard, vocal
  • Stéphane AUDREN : guitar, vocal
  • Vincent GAUDEMER : bass
  • Stéphane BARBIER : drums
  • Sylvain HIVERT : trumpet

Melo - 唱片的摘记

  • Comme des enfants
  • Apprends-moi
  • Disparu, apparue
  • Shut up
  • Classic woman
  • Miroir
  • Far away from herself
  • Mille et une injures
  • No bitter change
  • La pièce à côté
  • Where have you been
  • Au jour le jour