艺人: Luascadh (Alicia Ducout) + guests

名字: Wezen

发出: 2012

商标: Autoprod

样扳: Digipack

唱片的日期: 71'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


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号码: DI00697AUTO


Wezen (Luascadh (Alicia Ducout) + guests)

"Tree" in Breton and "Soul" in German, "Wezen" is an organic and enchanting music, such as an original soundtrack's movie (linked to a book and an animated film). No spoken word, but a rousing music with songs in more than 12 langages (breton, english, german, gaelic, norvegian...) which combines traditionnal music (celtic harp, irish flute, oud, nyckelharpa), and classical minimalist music with piano and soft electronic sounds here and there.

Luascadh (Alicia Ducout) + guests - 音乐家

  • Florian BARON : guitar, oud
  • Kenan GUERNALEC : wooden flute
  • Holger FUNKE : nyckelharpas, hurdy-gurdy
  • Marc BLANCHARD : electronic arrangements
  • Anthony DEBRAY-LAIZÉ : bodhran
  • Alicia DUCOUT : piano, celtic harp, vocal

Wezen - 唱片的摘记

  • Prologue
  • The Well
  • waldvöglein
  • La Clairière Sauvage
  • La Course
  • L'étangs des étoiles
  • Ringelflüstertanz
  • The Burning Cave
  • Ullin
  • Freyadottir
  • La Colline sans Vent
  • Wezen