艺人: Henrik Jansberg

名字: Omnivor

发出: 2007

商标: GO'Danish Folk Music

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 38'00

免费赠品: Import Denmark

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: CR00306GODA


Omnivor (Henrik Jansberg)

Henrik Jansberg is one of the most talented young fiddlers on the Danish folk music scene.

A graduate of the Carl Nielsen Academy in Odense and has already played in many countries: Denmark, Canada, Estonia, England, Finland, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Japan, both solo and with various bands.

Henrik Jansberg, born into the Danish dance music tradition, has ..the touch.. the rythm and the right swing, which is the essence on of this music. He has gathered inspiration for his playing from many sources, as can be heard on his double award winning debut CD "SIGNATUR" and on the brand new CD "OMNIVOR", which also shows up his composition skills.

Henrik Jansberg plays with some of Denmarks best folk musicians in Duo, Quartet or Band constellation.

Henrik Jansberg - 音乐家

  • Henrik JANSBERG : violin, viola
  • Rasmus ZEEBERG : guitars, mandolins, banjo
  • Rasmus BRYLLE : percussion, drums
  • Perry STENBÄCK : dobro, guitar, nyckelharpa
  • Steffan S.SØRENSEN : double bass
  • Guests :
  • Sonnich LYDOM : diatonic accordion, harmonica
  • Christopher DAVIS MAACK : violin

Omnivor - 唱片的摘记

  • Pigen i Gult
  • Adrians Hopsa
  • Omnivor
  • Mac Davis
  • Mallemuk
  • Amaricana
  • Dobbelt Jig
  • Kadavermarsch
  • Oldtime
  • Kannibal Vals
  • Svabo