Rosso rubino

艺人: Enrico Negro

名字: Rosso rubino

发出: 2005

商标: Folkclub ethnosuoni

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 53'41

免费赠品: Import Italy

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: CR00219FOLK


Rosso rubino (Enrico Negro)

A sound classical training and a long-standing activity in the folk music area are the basic elements of the artistic background of this refined Piedmontese guitar-player. Compagnons Roulants, Tendachënt, Dòna Bèla are just some of the musical projects where the sound of his guitar is in great evidence. For his debut album, the first one with the acoustic guitar as the character in Piedmontese folk music, Negro gathered round him several friends, all of them well-known folk musicians.

Enrico Negro - 音乐家

  • Enrico NEGRO : acoustic, classic, zils guitar, voice, 12 string guitar
  • Maurizio MARTINOTTI : hurdy-gurdy, jew's harp, voice
  • Paola LOMBARDO, Valeria BENIGNI : voice
  • Gianpiero MALFOTTO : trombone, bass-tuba
  • Gigi BIOLCATI : percussion, drums
  • Mario COSCO : classic guitar
  • Ignazio VIOLA : classic guitar
  • Bruno RAITERI : violin, Hammond keyboard
  • Flavio GIACCHERO : alto sax
  • Gerardo SAVONE : bass guitar

Rosso rubino - 唱片的摘记

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