艺人: Dominique Gravouille

名字: MardiVielle

发出: 2003

商标: Autoprod

样扳: Cristal

唱片的日期: 52'57

价钱 : 12,50 €


Availability : Receive an email

号码: CR00362AUTO


MardiVielle (Dominique Gravouille)

Multi-instrumentalist from the 'Pays de Retz' (Loire-Atlantique-France) Dominique Gravouille offers a personal album constructed as a travelogue. It depicts his steps (Britain, Ireland, Quebec ...), means of transport (accordion, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki ...) and his companions (Thierry Betrand, Francois Robin...).

Travel with him, you'll be in good company.

Dominique Gravouille - 音乐家

  • Dominique GRAVOUILLE : hurdy-gurdy, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin
  • Thierry BERTRAND : fiddle
  • Valérie PITTIGLIO : clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Jean-François RAMBAUD : guitar 6 et 12 strings, feet
  • François ROBIN : veuze (bagpipe)

MardiVielle - 唱片的摘记

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