艺人: Comas

名字: Charge

发出: 2012

商标: Autoprod

样扳: Digipack


价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI01409AUTO


Charge (Comas)



The second album from this major Irish music group, "Charge" is a successful opus that propels the group to maturity. Comas in Gaelic means "Power" is what emerges from these 11 titles where the virtuosity of the four exceptional musicians is at the rendezvous. A must-have album for Irish music lovers in the lineage of groups like Lunasa.

Comas - 音乐家

  • Isaac ALDERSON : flute, uilleann pipes
  • Aidan BURKE : fiddle
  • Philip MASURE : guitar, cittern,, vocals
  • Jackie MORAN : bodhran, percussion, vocals

Charge - 唱片的摘记

  • Joe Toms / The Brocca / The Donegal Lass (Featuring Sylvain Barou)
  • The Paige Boys / The Whistling Cat / Joan and John's
  • Het Luiaardsgild/ Lazy Waltz
  • Eastern Lane / Vindaloo
  • Beoga / Lønningen's Lilt
  • Drink the Rest and Hide the Bottle / Give Us a Drink of Water / The Steeplechase
  • Cape Clear
  • Paddy Fahy's / The Maspeth Reel / Mighty Keith O'neill
  • Jim Kelly's / The Windy City / The Soft Horse (Featuring Sylvain Barou)
  • Bold Donnelly / Winnie Hayes
  • Finola and Toms Hornpipe / the Tailor's Thimble / Jim Donoghue's / Cavers of Kirkcudbright