艺人: Bruno Le Tron

名字: Initium

发出: 2017

商标: Bizis Productions

样扳: Digipack

唱片的日期: 57'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DI01385BIZI


Initium (Bruno Le Tron)

25 years after Valhermeil, Bruno Le Tron's new masterpiece. All titles are composed by Bruno Le Tron except Les Deux Lacs and Saint-Hippolyte composed by Laurent Cabané and Ritorno di Treviso composed by Bruno Le Tron and Riccardo Tesi. Recording, mixing and mastering at the Salamandre studio in June 2017.

Bruno Le Tron - 音乐家

  • Bruno LE TRON : diatonic accordion
  • Franck FAGON : sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Laurent CABANE : double bass, guitar
  • Olivier LE GALLO : percussions, tin whistle, low whistle

Initium - 唱片的摘记

  • Ritorno di Treviso / La ricetta di Milena / In fuga
  • Initium
  • Obiou du monde
  • L'Ouchka / Reel and Blues
  • La Yole du Traict
  • Les Vallées de la Jordanne
  • Oranjeboom / Les Deux Lacs
  • Mirabelle
  • Saint-Hippolyte / Kervilon Jig / Morpeth
  • Windy Welly
  • Ultime Atome
  • Le Pinson du Nord