La Suite Sioplet

艺人: Biscam Pas "Le Bal Québ'Oc"

名字: La Suite Sioplet

发出: 2013

商标: Autoprod

样扳: Digifile

唱片的日期: 52'00

价钱 : 12,50 €


号码: DF00771AUTO


La Suite Sioplet (Biscam Pas

"The ball Québ'Oc " was born from the meeting of three musicians from different musical backgrounds, and lovers of traditional music occitanie and Quebec. Biscam not the group ( "we do not Ralons " nickname Sète ) draws its identity in the Occitan culture and more specifically the Languedoc , it seeks to promote in all its aspects, including the most popular ( jousting , bullfinch , carnivals ... ) . But identity does not mean closing ... It is in this spirit that the balètis proposed by the trio quickly became a fortified Quebec and Acadian repertoire , which is discussed in the truest spirit . To do this, we had the chance to meet the late Philippe Bruneau, who gave us valuable advice , tips we've tried to build to create this " dance Québ'Oc " we want the most festive possible and in which the stuffed , roundels, and other branlous rigaudons Occitan alongside waltzes, mazurkas , square sets, quadrilles , party favors and dancing round the Belle Province , to the delight of the dancers is in any case it we want ... After a Volume I, output there three years devoted to the Quebec repertoire , here is the Vol II , " later sioplet ! " ... Dedicated to the Occitan part , which is interpreted with the same sincerity on our part. Good listening and good ... balèti Québ'Oc to totes !

Biscam Pas "Le Bal Québ'Oc" - 音乐家

  • Marie FRINKING : diatonic accordion, vocals
  • Philippe CARCASSES : haubois du Languedoc, bodega, cabrettes (la & do), accordion, vocals, percussions
  • Patrick PLOUCHART : violins, cornemuse 14 pouces (piposa), jews harp, bodhran, podorythmies, vocals

La Suite Sioplet - 唱片的摘记

  • Polkas du Champsaur à l'Hérault
  • Suite de rondeaux gascons en chaîne
  • Rondes du Quercy
  • Suite de bourrées à 2 temps
  • Scottishes du Champsaur à l4hérault
  • Suite de bourrées du Rouergue
  • Mazurka La Gueussinette
  • Courante de Lomagne
  • Suite de rigaudons
  • Valse "Dona"
  • Branlous
  • Mazurkas du Champsaur
  • Suite de rondeaux à deux
  • Suite de bourrées à 3 temps
  • Polka de l'ducasse