The turning tide

Arzour: Solas

Anv: The turning tide

Deuet er maez e: 2010

Labell: Non renseigné

Ment: Digifile

Padelezh en holl: 45'00

Priz : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DF01194NA


The turning tide (Solas)


1. Hugo's big reel

2. The ditching boy

3. The crows of Killimer/Box reel#2/Boys of malin/The opera house

4. A girl in the war

5. A waltz for Mairead

6. Ghost of Tom Joad

7. A sailor's life

8. Grady Fernando comes to town

9. Sadhbh ní Bhruineallaigh

10. Trip to Kareol

11. Sorry

12. A tune for Roan