North by East

Arzour: Gareth Davies-Jones & Calum Stewart

Anv: North by East

Deuet er maez e: 2012

Labell: Heading West Music

Ment: Kristal

Padelezh en holl: 36'00

Hag ouzhpenn: Import Ecosse

Priz : 12,50 €

Ouzhpennañ er baner

Ref.: CR00735HEAD


North by East (Gareth Davies-Jones & Calum Stewart)

Gareth Davies-Jones & Calum Stewart - Sonerien

  • Gareth DAVIES-JONES : chant, guitare, hi-strung guitare, mandocello
  • Calum STEWART : flûtes
  • Greame DUFFIN : basse

North by East - Bommoù da glevet

  • The children
  • The new rigged ship
  • The coal trade
  • I will set my ship in order
  • Song of the spey
  • Slieve galleon braes
  • Come what may
  • Rover of the sea
  • Red kite